I did a bridal shoot outdoors with someone I had contacted online; My aim was to capture images for both my Studio practise and Techniques & Processes briefs.

As my studio brief is based on the bride and her dress the images I produced were full shots of the bride in her dress, I decided to use an outdoor location as I wanted to incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors with the beauty of my bride.

I shot my images on both a 135mm lens as well as a 55mm lens, I found that the 135mm created a soft image, blurring out the background and creating a soft focus image, this made the bride the main focal point in the image, I wanted to showcase her in her dress.

Using between f2.8 and f8 and 400iso I shot the images using natural sunlight, this created a nice glow on my bride and highlighted the dress wonderfully.

Below are some images taken during the shoot.

I was happy with the results from my shoot however I took many shots of the same images to get the correct exposure, as the sunlight was ever changing I would often higher or lower my ISO to suit. As the shoot was outside I often got shake from the camera mounted on the tripod, by speeding up my shutter speed I was able to reduce the amount of camera shake.

I decided that I would edit the above images, these were the ones I was most happy with, I liked the composition in these images, I wanted to get a natural pose so asked the model to look nonchalantly into the distance, she was relaxed and posed naturally so my images didn’t look too staged.

Using photoshop software I adjusted the exposure on some images as well as adjusting the curves and levels to get the perfect colour balance.

Before the shoot I had decided to use the white of the dress to get the correct colour balance for my images beforehand, I then tested the iso, my first image shot was bright and over exposed I lowered the iso moved down by one f stop from f2.8 to f4.

Once I had my settings correct I proceeded to do the shoot choosing various locations around the woodland area we were in, I found that the trees made perfect props, I sat my model down on a fallen trunk as well as using branches to place her hands, I liked using the trees as props as I feel they give my images character, the image looks less staged and has more purpose and meaning, she looks almost lost wondering around the woods looking for her fiancé.  I liked this feel to the images as she looks as though she may be missing someone, this is what marriage is all about finding your other half.