I shot some indoor images of a model in a bridal gown inside a church for my brief, with the help of a MUA artist from Bradford college I was able to get some good head shots of the model to show her radiance  before a wedding.

before the shoot I decided to set up the camera using my tripod spirit level to make sure the scene was set up perfectly straight to avoid extra adjustments later on in photoshop, as well as using the spirit level I also lined up the camera with the beams of the roof, by making them fit perfectly in the frame so as not to have and parts of the image drawing your eye away from the symmetry of the shot.

Once I had my camera set up on the tripod I then took a test shot to see how the lighting looked before the shoot so I knew what settings I would need, below is my first shot before we began the shoot.



I used both natural light cascading in from a window in the church as well as the use of a reflector to bounce back the light onto her face to illuminate her whole face.

I found that with limited light it was hard to get a well lit view of her face, which is where the reflector came in handy, I asked Harriet the make up artist to assist me with the reflector, she held the reflector just below her face so the light coming from the window would bounce back up off the reflector and highlight all of her face, I found it much easier to do this type of shoot with the help of someone else to hold equipment that I would not of normally had the chance to do, this then freed up the models hands to pose as desired rather than holding the reflector herself and limiting my shots.

If I was to do this shoot again I would take along a bigger tripod as my tripod was too short to get a good angle, this caused problems with camera shake, this has been an ongoing problem with me during shoots which is why I have looked into purchasing a much bigger sturdier tripod to enable me to hold the camera still during shooting.

Although I came across a familiar problem I was still able to get a few images I feel were fit for purpose, they show a close up of the model focusing in close to capture her radiance, this is the look my MUA was needing for her project and it also provided me with images that suit my brief.