As my project is bridal photography I had decided to take some test shoots outdoors to test photos using ambient lighting, I wanted to use a light scene and create some outdoor photography.

My first test shoot was of my son, this shoot was taken in the small woodlands at the rear of our house, the light sunlight meant that I was able to capture images with the use of natural day light, the images were to test firstly so I could find out how to manipulate the day light to highlight the person in my image but also to practice outdoor images with a shallow depth of field.

I took the first shot which came out dark so changed my settings from 100 iso to 400 iso, Keepng my shutter speed at 125/sec and aperture at between f2.8 and f4.0.

This seemed to give me the depth of field I was after, I wanted a bright airy shot as this is what I am wanting in my wedding shots, but I want the background to be bokeh so not to cause too much distraction but able to provide a nice backdrop for the image, I found that using flash helped a little bit to bring the light back into the photos although with the sun as it was this din’t make too much of a difference.

I found that focusing was often tricky as I had not been able to use a tripod to steady the camera so I often found the focus wasn’t correct if I moved slightly, this showed me that a tripod would have been beneficial and will be something to use on my real shoots.

I was happy with my images, when I was able to keep the camera steady and get the focus on thew eyes as required I found the depth of field created a nice soft feeling image, when taking shots of my brides this is the effect I want to go for, as I will be photographing women in their bridal dresses I want the images to be soft and gentle, I don’t want no harsh shadows and darkness about the images as I am aiming to create a happy feminine photo of the girls.


The image above I am most happy with, this I feel would be a great backdrop for a bride in her dress, the gentle green of the grass should work well with the white of the dress and the tree made a perfect prop with this in focus along with the model I feel would create a well composed image, I hope to recreate this style of image during my bridal shoots, the background was created using a small aperture of f2.8, iso of 400 and at 125/sec.