During this project I will be combining my shoots from my studio practice project to create outdoor head shots, my project Is focusing on the beauty of the bride, to do this I aim on keeping close to her face and capturing her profile.

I have arranged two shoots with brides this week and will be taking images close up of the girls, I want to capture the facial expressions, the natural beauty of the girls and create a profile of my models.

I took some outdoor test shots for my projects and managed to get some close up shots as like I want to capture in my next shoots, I will be focusing in from the chest upwards using the outdoor scenery to create a light background in my images.


During these shoots I had trouble with not having a tripod which meant that I couldn’t always get the focus correctly, however I was still happy with how my test shots came out, I want toe get close up shots during this project with as little background as possible, I want the person in the image to be the only focus of the photo and I was able to create this composition in these images.

I was much happier with my outdoor shots in the woodland, there were much more props and the scenery flattered the person in my images, as I had plenty of room to work with I was able to use a 135mm lens and capture images using an aperture of f2.8 to create a shallow depth of field.

I feel that by using a bokeh background the subject in the image is then the true focus of that image, I like the use of props so that it can break up the image a little rather than having just the subject and a background it gives the image a little bit of content and although the person is still the main focus, the tree branch or leaf/grass etc then adds content to the image, it becomes an image with a meaning.

In my bridal shoots I will be keeping a close up on the bride but keeping the image interesting by using nature as a prop to keep the content within my shots.