As I have a two bridal shoots booked in for this week I had decided to take a test shoot in the garden to test with outdoor lighting, I have provided my own wedding dress for my models and had decided to use a family member to help out.

I wanted to first test how to create extra light using reflectors, So I had asked my mum to step in and wear the white dress I have for my shoots, she say in the center of the garden with the sunlight coming down to the left of her face, I then placed the silver reflector in front of her to reflect light back onto the dress, this then created a very light image of the dress as all the light was bouncing back onto my model, it worked well with highlighting the dress she was in however it did then cause the camera to over expose as the shadows were blown out, I tried a similar shot but with out the reflector and it still created a very light but not as blown out image of the dress, I found with very bright light the reflector was not as helpful but when the sun had started to fade it helped to bring that light back in.

As like my previous outdoor shoot I was having trouble with the focus, as I was moving around with out a tripod I found that getting the camera to focus was not as easy, this again had made me decide that my shoots I will be using a tripod do I can get the focus on the eyes of my models and hopefully creating a much sharper image.



I found that whilst taking the images in the garden I was limited to space, I wanted to use a 135mm lens however with there not been enough room to move back and get a full shot this was difficult, this shouldn’t be a problem during the shoots as I will be outdoors in a wooded area so room wont be an obstacle, because of this I was not able to get the depth of field I wanted by using a lens capable of a wider aperture.

I was however able to use the natural light against the veil and position my model so that the light shone down onto her, this created a nice soft glow that I fell works well with my brief as I want to define the beauty of a bride, I think that an angelic glow would help to create this feel.

I decided to edit some of my images from this shot, so took some of what I feel are the more successful images and cropped them down.

The biggest problem I came up against when shooting this test shoots was the focus, I found it hard with the wind and lack of tripod to keep the focus on the eyes, I managed to create my images using ambient lighting as I wanted despite my set back, these above are the edited and cropped images from my tests, During my shoots this week I will be using a reflector and tripos to enable me to get the correct focus and allow the light to be reflected back into my image, as well as being able to use my 135mm lens as a distance to get a full shot using a wide aperture to blur the background.

I found this shoot as good learning curve for me as I was able to play around with the reflector, using it in this light didn’t make too much of a difference but it did help me to eliminate excess shadows on the dress which was helpful as this then didn’t cause a distraction in my images.

I decided to have a go at creating some black and white images, although I do like them I don’t think ill be using black and white in my final images, as I want to create a nice soft scene I feel that the black and white images are not suited to my brief, I want my images light and soft and that can create a darker less happy image, I want my images to have a warm feel and only colour can seem to provide this effect.