For my techniques & processes project I have decided to stick with my preferred photography genre weddings, only I want to focus on the portraiture of the bride during my brief.

To do this I have arranged some photo shoots with two brides and their dresses, I plan on taking some outdoor shots of the rides so that I have the use of ambient lighting, I will be focusing on their face and taking portrait style images of them, by using both  ambient lighting fill in flash from the flash gun and reflectors I want to create a soft image correctly lighting my models face.

I am hoping to work with some makeup artists from the college to be able to get the wedding look for my models, I want soft ambient lighting and soft delicate makeup, what we would associate with a bride on her wedding day so I am able to create my image that would be suitable not only for my project but for both future potential customers and as part of a portfolio.

My reasons behind choosing to do this type of photography is mainly because I want to be able to capture the true beauty of my models so that this type of work would be appealing to any future clients who may be getting married, I want to expand my skills when it comes to lighting on location and feel that experimenting with how I will take my images would help me to achieve this.