When planning my shoots I decided to look for inspiration of how I would like my images to look, My aim for this project is to take on location bridal shots of my models, focusing on them, their day and of course the dress, the dress symbolises the wedding and/or brides for many reasons, this for many is the biggest and most important part of the day, the bride wants to look her absolute best and the dress helps her to accomplish this, the dress is a symbol of purity, beauty and (although less often nowadays!) virginity.

A white dress is the most popular choice for a bride on her wedding day although not everyone gets dressed in the same attire this is the most common, so I want to capture all the thoughts feelings and desires that come with this dress, to do this I must first make sure that my location will compliment this in the way I expect, so I will be shooting in places such as meadows, woodland and floral areas rather than run down busy high streets, mainly because the shoots is for the bride, she will be the one who is the focus of all my images so I don’t want any unpleasant distractions in my backgrounds, keeping my shoots delicate, feminine and floral.

As the dress symbolises many things I have quite a bot to consider;

Beauty –   the dress for many is a symbol of beauty, its pretty, womanly and princess like, a wedding dress is not something you can wear on a daily basis so for this one day the bride can feel special, like a princess in a beautiful gown, this I have to show in my images, so I will be planning on having the dress take over as much of the image as possible, by making sure its flowing rather than flat and compact and unnoticeable.

Delicacy – As the dress is white it is extremely delicate as in it can’t get dirty! so I will have to make sure that I am particularly careful as to how we shoot, so keeping well away from muddy puddles and being extra vigilant in the areas in which I take my bride. As the dress is associated with delicacy with the white cleanliness of the dress as well as the little detailing such as lace and floral stitching I will be planning on taking some close up shots of these such details, these little often missed details can be what made the dress so important to the bride in the first place and I don’t want to miss them out.

Purity/virginity – Although 9 out of 10 brides are now not virgins before they are married, this is still a big part of the wedding tradition, they may not be traditionally as pure as expected but they are wearing a symbolisation of this, so the dress and the bride are portrayed very innocently, to show this in my shoots I want to be able to create a soft feminine style of photography, which is where the gentle lighting and soft colours comes into play, I want my images to be very pretty and modest.

I looked online and found images that I found inspiring to my shoot, I want to get images a lot like these with the gentle landscape backgrounds and greenery that I feel compliment the dress, making it stand out, and important in the shots.

The images taken could also be used for things such as wedding dress photography so my images must contain all of the above requirements as well as show the dress for commercial use as well, this way I have many opportunities for any potential work including my own personal aims as well as wider commercial opportunities.

Whilst online I decided to look into outdoor photography and came across an article with help on location photography;

Digital photography school –  outdoor photography

the article explains the importance of shooting with a wide aperture to smooth out the background, this will then create more focus on the bride and her dress rather than any unwanted distractions.

As well as helpful tips on shooting during both cloudy and sunny days and adjusting the settings to suit the current setting during my time of shoot.

I found that all these small helpful tips (although I was aware of some) are good to know when shooting outdoors, as you cannot predict what type of weather you will come across on the day you decide to shoot it’s always good to be prepared for all possible outcomes.