For my t&p I will be using models on location to shoot portrait style wedding images, by using ambient lighting with the help of flash, diffusers and reflectors I will be creating soft delicate bridal portraits outdoors.

I have two brides ready for shoots that I will be taking on location to shoot close up images of them whilst in their wedding dress, alongside my other project I have planned on shooting both close facial images as well as wider full body images for my other project.

I decided to look for inspiration for my shoots by searching for portrait style bridal shoots, as this will be the category my images will fall into, I want to create a soft delicate and feminine images of my brides, these images will be used for both my project and my portfolio as this style of photography can be used alongside traditional wedding photography, by adding variety into my portfolio I am opening myself up for more opportunity.

I have included some images I had found that I hope my images to look like after my shoots;


these images I have chosen are close up portraits of brides, the images I aim to produce, not only do these type of images work well within a wedding portfolio these can be used for portraiture images also. My aim is to create something that is versatile, I want to stay within my area of expertise but also create myself the opportunity to expand further.

the images above are soft and delicate, they show a beautiful portrait of the bride, this is very widely associated with the bride on her wedding day and I will be creating this same feeling in my images with the use of light available.