For this Years project I will be expressing my preferred genre of photography – Weddings

I will take a series of images using models in their own or borrowed wedding dresses, I will be taking these images using my own style of photography, using soft focus and colour.

I want to become a wedding photographer once I have completed my degree and plan on building a portfolio of work suitable to show future clients, thus the wedding portraits I will be taking, my images will contain women (brides) dressed in their wedding clothes posing in a range of different places such as outdoor settings as well as indoor, I will be using both ambient and studio lighting to create different styles of images all within the same genre.

My reason for choosing to do this is mainly to build up my own professional wedding portfolio as well as expanding the wedding criteria from simple wedding images to beautiful portraits of the bride and where possible the groom and family and/or friends.

To create my images I will be advertising for models willing to accompany me to chosen locations as well as home and studio settings to take my images with, as I have already been shooting wedding imaged I will be contacting previous clients to see if they would be willing to take part.

I believe that by taking a series of images using women in their wedding gowns then I will attract a wider audience of people wanting a more intimate style of photography for their big day, I want to give the client the option to have intimate style images for their wedding album as well as the more commercial documentary style wedding images normally found with this type of photography.

I want to be able to capture something precious and meaningful, to show the true beauty and purity that marriage often make a woman feel, by focusing on creating  soft delicate portraits of the brides I believe I can create this sentiment.

To start with I will be visiting a number of woodland areas and research the outdoor backdrops available to me, as well as advertising for models to take part in this experience so I can plan my shoots for my project.