My first two chosen images are a profile shot of two of my models faces, I particularly like these mainly because its a close up shot of the person, I like the highlights created on the side of the faces and then cascading across the body, I was pleased with the lighting in these shots and felt that it created dramatic images.

The photo of the boy shows a catch light in both his eyes which I was very happy with, this directs your attention straight away to his face, you can then see as the light moves in a perfect line from his face down his body giving you a direction in where to look, I think this style of photography gives off a mysterious feel to the image, it draws you in and makes you question the image, rather than the image being directly of the child it lets in just enough information with out causing distraction.

The similar image but with the young man has the same effect, here you can see he is looking down almost sorrowful, but the light continues from his face onto his body again giving the hint of mystery drawing you in and showing you only a glimpse of who he his, this enables you to analyse the photograph more thoroughly. The only thing I would change looking back at this image now is more of a crop, although all the detailing is there I feel that if I cropped in from the chest more taking away that surface area then this would of made a better image, I am still however very happy with my outcome.

My next image from the judo shoot I have chosen mainly because of the determination of the boys face, this I was very happy with as my aim was to show the determination he has for his sport, the look on his face shows concentration and with the shoulder of the shot just showing the blue lines of his suit this small detail can tell you a story, it shows you he is part of a sport and together with the concentrated look gives you a incite into his lifestyle, this was exactly the feeling I was going with during my shoots, I feel that this image fits perfectly with my project.

My fourth image of the boxer I wanted to add in as it shows again that determination and concentration, by adding in the boxing gloves this paints a perfect picture of who the person in the image is, you can clearly see that hes holding his gloves and by looking down you can get a sense of drive from the person in the image, the red from the gloves add a bit of unique colour to the image and break it down a little, your attention is drawn into the red which makes the image interesting, from there you then start to analyse the rest of the image, drawn in to just the highlighted side of the face causing no other distractions, I feel that to make this image better I could of got the model to look at the camera I feel this would make the image more dramatic.

My fifth image I have chosen was from my dancing shoot, this image I feel would work perfectly as both a portrait image for family purposes as well as a portfolio for dancing, the images shows firstly the smile and enthusiasm of the girl but upon further inspection you can see that she is in face doing the splits, this then tells a whole new story, bringing, both her personality and her passion into one photograph.

My last image of the set is of the body builder, I chose this image mainly because of the reason behind the body builder shoot, I wanted to show his passion for what he was doing and his accomplishment, in the image you can see only a slight bit of his face, this adds that mystery again into the image although you are still able to see that determination from the crease n the brow, this I feel adds character to the person in the shot, form there you can then notice how his body is lit providing you with an incite to his passion, the positioning in which he is in reflects on the muscle gaining posture he will take during his sport, I wanted to use this image as it gives you only a slight detail but again from this detail you are able to build up a profile of that person.

I think together all my images work well, they all have that drive, passion and show their personality as well as their sport, I wanted to create images like this for my project to show that I can create a story from portraiture, telling the viewer about the person in the image, I am happy with my final shots and the detailing that I have created using the lighting provided.