Shoot 3 – The Dancers

These are a set of images of two sisters who are both driven young dancers, they both want to become successful modern or ballet dancers when they’re older.

In this shoot I adjusted the lighting mostly when in Photoshop after the shoot, I first set up my backdrop and had two photography bulbs at either side so that they would be lit from both sides, my idea here was to be able to capture all of the dancers and their outfits in my shot, unlike my previous low light shoots I wanted a full image in my shoots, the reason behind this was that the girls were very colourful characters and proud of their many dance clothes, their passion was to be the best dressed and best dance artists they could be, so I wanted to make sure that all of them were in the shot and I didn’t feel that a low photo shoot would accomplish this.

After setting my camera up to 400 ISO, shutter speed at 1/125th and aperture between f5.6 and f8 I began my shoot, I found that the bright colours worked well with the dark background, I didn’t want any distractions in my shoot but wanted all the colours to be vibrant, the girls were bubbly characters so I managed to get as much of that giggly happy side through in my images, the shoot was a mixture of different poses and outfits to add variety to the set.

After my shoot I went through all my images and adjusted them in Photoshop, I used the curves tool so I could adjust the background to make sure I had a true black in my images, I also adjusted it so that the girls and their outfits were nice and exposed in the image by pulling the curves line enough to expose the light parts of my images, I also used the patch tool to adjust any of the image that showed things such ad the floor of background, you can see this in my set of original contacts.

After the shoot and editing process I was happy with my results, the images show a set of happy giggly and energetic girls, this was exactly what I was hoping to finish with, there no distractions in the images so that you are drawn directly to the girls and their colourful outfits, the main problem that I had to deal with was the darker outfits that would blend into the background, to overcome this I used the select tool to go around the girls to be able to adjust the image using the curves tool without effecting the background, i then selected inverse so that i could create a true black in the background using the curves tool once again.

Shoot 4 – The Judo Shoot 

In this shoot you will see a young boy who has recently began the sport of Judo, hes determined to become the best he can be in this new sport.

For my last shoot I chose to shoot my son in his Judo outfit, this is a new sport to him but he determined to succeed so I wanted to capture the enthusiasm that he shows as well as the determination.

I decided to incorporate the two types of shoots I have been doing into this one by using both direct lighting and low light photography as well, I found that in this circumstance the low lighting worked much better, I felt it was more dramatic and enhanced the colours of the skin when the light was not directly on him.

I only took a few images during this shoot but was happy with what I had managed to capture, the low light shots I have taken show more detailing in the images, as like the first two shoots I wanted to capture the determination and drive, this was accomplished in the low light shots.

I didn’t think that the fully lit images captured the moment as I had hoped, after going through the images and comparing the two styles I had decided that the low light images were my favorite, these fit in with my project, trying to capture the personality and drive of the person being captured, as these images were more serious I felt that a bit of atmosphere in the photograph worked really well.

I had chosen images from both of these shoots to add into my final collection, I have printed out a contact sheet containing my most successful shots during my project, from these I will decide on my final images.