Shoot one – Low light photography of the young boxer 

This set of images are of a young boxer who feels driven and passionate about his sport, hes determined to succeed but enjoys doing what he does.

During this shoot I initially set up my back drop, lights and the camera and tripod; To get the correct lighting and camera settings I started to fire some test shots , evaluation the image each time, I found that the first few shots were too dark so from there I upped the ISO to let in more light, although I noticed this let more light in it also made the image less sharp, so I decided to use a black cloth to drape over one side of my photography bulb (I had an umbrella so that it could create a softbox like effect, showing only a small ray of light onto my test subject, this you can see in image 0550 of my shoot one print out, I then decided to adjust the ISO from 200 down to 100 but this proved too dark and my test subject was barely visible, Keeping the ISO at 200 shutter speed at 1/125th and a wide aperture of f4 I positioned my tripod so that the camera was perfectly lined.

During my first shoot I found that I continually needed to re adjust either the camera or my model so that the correct amount shone on the right side of the face, this captured all the detailing I wanted but not too much so that the meaning was lost.

After my first few shots of the head and shoulders I had managed to find the correct positioning and from there was able to experiment using objects (boxing gloves) and different poses including some portrait images rather than just landscape.

When shooting my portrait images I found that the posture of the model effected the way the image came out quite a bit, by adjusting him so that he was diagonal to the camera rather than side on I was able to get the correct lighting cascading over his torso, when I was taking side on shots too much light was cast over the stomach causing distraction in my image.

Overall I found that of the images I got I had managed to create some that were fit for purpose, I have Highlighted the images on my sheet in blue that I am more please with, these images are the ones I feel have the correct amount of lighting, they capture just the right amount of detail  and fit into my brief; As I wanted to create portraits that show personality as well as interest I feel that the slight hint of the red boxing gloves shows you what the model is passionate about and by capturing images that show determination and concentration on the face of the model I have shown his character, I am happy to have captured a few images from my shoot that portray the subject, as well as adding a new look to portraiture, a more mysterious interesting image that has no distractions yet can give you detailed information of the person.

Shoot 2  – Low light Photography of the Aspiring Body Builder 

This is a shoot of a young man who has been working towards getting the perfect body to becoming a body builder, he feels accomplished and pleased with his progress but is determined to triumph further. 

Before this shoot I again tested out the lighting and adjusted the camera setting accordingly, I st up on the same settings as the last shoot keeping the aperture wide and the ISO low at between 100 and 200 I found that keeping the ISO at 200 created more light and enabled me to see the subject when I looked at the camera display, you can see in my first set of images how the model is well lit and visible where as in the third row of images he is darker and less visible, here I had changed the ISO down to 100 so decided for a better shot I needed 200 to get the image as I wanted.

As like the first shoot I found that posture played a big part in how my images looked, I took a few images where the model had tilted his head away from the light, this didn’t capture the lighting on the face as I had wanted so had re positioned him so that the light highlighted his features evenly on the front of his face.

I felt that these images were powerful, mainly because of the detail captured, I think that this type of photography is well suited to this genre of portraiture, the images I had chosen as my best would suit a progress portfolio or even a modelling portfolio, they are strong images for my brief as they have captured all the detailing of my model, showing his passion, the images focus not only on his face but on his body too which to the model is an important part of his lifestyle, this was the aim I was going for so am very happy with the results.

From the two shoots above I had printed out some images that I feel were the strongest images of my shoots, these have the correct amount of lighting, highlight all the important aspects of the model and in the ones where the eyes are visible have a catch light, drawing your attention in to the image, from these images I will choose my final photographs.

The only issue I came up with during my shoots were that of correct lighting, as the model moves around the lighting can be in highlighting the wrong place so I found that a lot of maneuvering around was necessary but once I had got my positioning correct then I got some amazing shots.