During my brief I had decided to look into other artists who can provide me with inspiration for my project, as I had already decided that I wanted to do low light portraiture I searched for other artists that took part in this type of photography, I was able to find one artist on Instagram who had a series of low key photography, I visited his site A.A. Photography and took a look through his album.


His images were a selection of low light portraits, his first image of the gentleman smoking i found interesting so decided to give this a go during my test shoots, I was happy with the result however decided not to use this image in my final photos mainly because I felt it was not as strong as some of the other images, although I had managed to capture the shot as I had expected it lacked the definition or my subject unlike some of the other shots I had taken.

I also liked how he had used a hard light to highlight the side of the face of his subjects, this I found interesting and applied this to my shoots, as I was wanting to create a profile I found that this gave a slight mystery to the photo, letting you see only a certain amount of detail, this gives you an outline of the person, it makes you focus in on their facial details taking a personal look at them as a person rather than just as a photo.

I also did a google search of low light photography to bring up a few images for ideas, of all the images I was mainly drawn to the images where highlight are been used, these I feel give you more of a definition of the person in the photograph.

I also took a look at two online photographers who I had contacted, Their images were more or a documentary style but still held the same meaning I wanted to show in my own photography.


Cecillia Takes location photography, her albums consist of family, children and babies and bumps, although she hasn’t been taking low light photography she has however done a series of documentary style children’s images, this type of photography also fits in with my proposal of showing the person and their interests rather than a staged shoot, this type of photography shows you the person and their hobbies and shows their true self through capturing them in their natural location.


Helen did a series of lifestyle portraits, here she has captured the people in their place of work wearing their suits or blouses, she has documented their lifestyle as like I wanted to do in my images only I want to capture the personality at home rather than their place of work.