After Doing all my shoots I had decided to create a contact sheet of all my successful shots, I chose these because they fit into my brief perfectly; My aim was to create Profile portrait images, these would define the person and show their interests rather than just a staged image, My images were created using the knowledge I had of my models, I found out information on them as a person and asked how they wanted to be seen, this then enabled me to take an image of themselves in their own eyes.

Below is the contact sheet of the images I have taken from each of my shoots, from these I will choose my final images.


The reason I have chosen these images are that they all contain a significant detail of the person being photographed, I had decided to use low light images in my final choice because I feel that the detailing is picked out using this style of photography, it draws your eye to the subject rather than any other distractions in the image, this then enables the viewer to understand what the image is about, you can tell these images have a personal touch to them as they all include something which signifies the person in the image.

These images not only fit my brief but are fit for the purpose they are to be used in, as the images were to show the persons hobbies and interests these images capture that perfectly, the dancing images are focused on the girls and their outfits and by using dance poses you can get a feel for what they are about, the same goes for the sports images, the concentration on the face in these images shows dedication to the sport as well as the posture and stance of the model, this is also shows in the images of the weight lifter, I have captured all that is important including self image as well as the dedication in his face as like the sport images.

All these images would be able to be used in a portfolio for someone who is aiming to join a team or wanting to build up a modeling portfolio or simply an achievement album of the children’s progress during their sport or activity.