As part of my project I decided to do a series of images of another hobby, Judo is a sport my son takes part in and I had staged a shoot where I had him dressed in his outfit and took a series of shots of him doing his own poses and actions; My aim was to get as many shots as possible with out interruption, enabling him to get as much of his personality in the shots as possible.

With out me directing him and positioning him this allowed me to capture true un staged shots, these are what I wanted for my project, I want to capture photographs that portray the model rather than the photographer, I feel this is of more interest to people wanting images of themselves, something that shows their lifestyle, personality and interests.

I set up my backdrop and lighting; to so this I used two black material backdrops and draped them around the corner of the room I took the photos in, I used just one light initially and a low iso so I was able to get a low light shot to add a sense of ambiguity and definition.

To make sure the light was kept out I connected both my backdrops using a bull dog clip and turned all the lighting off apart from my one studio light that I used to light my model, I took most of my images using the one light off to one side and a small number of images using a flash gun so that all of my subject was lit.

I decided to select my images for editing and had chosen these images, I feel that these fit my project, I wanted to create images that showed the identity of the person in the image, by using highlights I am able to show specific features that I feel make up the profile of the person.

I personally much prefer the images where I have used highlights rather than lighting the full subject, Comparing the two below images you can see the detailing on the less lit image in comparison to the image taken using the flash gun, I like how the details of the hair and the creases of the suit are  defined, I also prefer the way the face is lit as it has better more lifelike colour, I feel that the second image looks more professional and would feel comfortable producing this type of image to clients rather than the first image.

This type of photography would also be good for promotional purposes for clubs, I could see the second image

over all I think that my shoot was a success and I have managed to capture the definition I was after, they work nicely together as a set and would look good in a portrait portfolio.