During my brief I have shot portraiture images, my aim is to produce lifestyle portrait images that focus on the individuals personality, hobbies and interests, these images are so that the viewer can build a short profile/biography of the person before reading about or meeting them.

My reasons for using this style of photography is to bring a new approach to standard studio family or single portraits, I believe that an image should tell you something about the person as well as the photographer, by creating my images in this way I am able to show both mine and the clients personality, the style in which these images are taken show my technique but the image itself should show you the type of person the model is.

When I first came up with this idea I wanted to do something that I feel would have a unique take on photography, this makes for a brilliant business opportunity;

  • Clients can choose their positions/poses.
  • I can work with clients and build up a connection with them.
  • They can feel more comfortable in an environment they are familiar with.
  • This would be a sought after shoot for someone who is involved in a sport/hobby.
  • The images can be used for someone who wishes to become part of a club, i.e. dance.
  • Parents can have photographs of their children doing what they love.
  • the images are not staged with random props but more natural.

I find this type of photography more personal, you are able to find out about the client as a person rather than just as a model, although it may be more time consuming to gather information I find it is more rewarding, the images provided are of a more personal nature, they mean more to a client than a simple photo shoot in front of a common backdrop accompanied with the typical studio poses, this enables both the photographer and client to feel more at ease, I find when you are more acquainted with the client than the shoot is more relaxed, and the shoot altogether is calm and composed providing realistic shots.

As I have shot these images on location it has also developed my knowledge of correct lighting and allowed me to overcome problems that occur in a different setting, thus enabling me to adapt quickly and solve problems on site, this I find can open my business career up to new possibilities;

  • Being able to work in different environments.
  • To create an easier opportunity for people not able to travel.
  • To expand my area of work, meaning I can travel further to gain more business.
  • New styles of photography, expanding from wedding images alone.

I have enjoyed experimenting with new techniques and feel that this has provided me with confidence, I have also found that images such as sports style images and passion (hobby) shots can be sold (with the clients permission) to photography stock sites to be used in marketing for sports equipment/clubs etc, this also opens the opportunity to work with companies such as gyms or dance/sport classes etc to provide images for websites for promotional use or for individual sales to the members.

I plan on continuing with this style of photography and will look into the market in which it is readily available to get an idea of how desirable it is to the public and to the advertising world, as well as getting an idea of how much capital this type of photography would generate in both personal and advertising sales.