I have currently been looking into portrait photographers, after visiting the AOP website I came across Helen Roscoe Who as well as taking bridal photography also takes lifestyle portrait images as like I have been doing within this project.

I wanted to look into other photographers styles of lifestyle shoots and was drawn to these detailed images on her website, I contacted Helen in the hope to gain some professional advice of portrait photography.

Below are some screen grabs of her work that I was drawn to;

I have included a screen grab of my email to Helen, The images here are from her various albums:

Liberty in love – This album includes bridal portrait shots, these images are of interest to me firstly because I hope to become a wedding photographer and would like to expand on the normal wedding shoots by adding in portrait style bridal images, these images are a perfect example of correct use of light and composition, she has captured the beauty of the brides and added detailing using soft light.

1920’s themed bridal art décor – In here the images are more modern and add a twist on the contemporary wedding photography scene, these images have inspired me to put a twist on my style of photography, to add characteristic to the series, this separates the photographer from the crowd and allows room for a wider commercial context.

pace & go – In this album the photographer has focused on detailed lifestyle portraits of two fitness models, the main focus of this shoot is to define the lifestyle of the customers, she has focused in on their interests and personality as like i have in my shoot for my project, I had asked the photographer to take a look at some of my lifestyle images for a professional opinion on my out take of the images.

These albums were of particular interest to me as during my project I have focused on the portraiture style photography and have incorporated that with  the lifestyles of my models, I’m hoping to be able to capture characteristics within my images and show a bit of the models personality through the imagery alone.