I did my last shoot using a set of wedding rings, to do this shoot I decided to research macro wedding photography and came across some helpful advice on the use of colourful backgrounds or using creative lighting, particularly bokeh, the blur produced in the out of focus parts of an image.

I also focused on using a macro lens or as I had to hand a 135mil lens to create the out of focus background, I kept my aperture as high as I could at between f4.0 and f 5.6 using 1/160th and an iso of 1600 as well as studio lighting to highlight the object in focus.

I really enjoyed this shoot and was very happy with the results, I liked how the lights in the background created a celebratory feel to the image, keeping with my theme of weddings, memorabilia and celebration.

When I first set up I was on an iso of 400 then 800 which were both too dark for the scene, the images were shot in my kitchen upon a wooden table with the use of slight daylight form the window adjacent to the table and then I decided to crack the iso up to 1600 which worked much better although the object I was photographing was still slightly dark and didn’t stand out from the background, I then decided to use a photography bulb directed at the point my object was placed to highlight the focal point which really worked well and helped me create the images I was after, this lit up the rings and gave them a soft sparkle and separated them from the background which is how I wanted my image to turn out, Then with the use of a wide aperture to blur the background altogether created a magical set of images.


Above is a snap of my set up, I decided to place the objects I were photographing close to the edge, using Christmas lights I placed these at the back of the table leaving a distance between the items and the lights to create my bokeh background. I placed a photography bulb directed at the rings which gave me the highlight I required, If you take a look at the first set of images on my contact sheet below you will notice the difference between the objects that appear much darker, these I photographed with out the use of the photography bulb, although the objects were visible they weren’t highlighted enough to create the image I wanted.