After my shoots I had decided to take photos that I was most happy with and I felt fit in with my proposal;

I decided to get a range of different photos containing different wedding items to show variety, this way I could compare the differences in the image and decide why and how they could be put together in a wedding album.

As my proposal was about capturing all the little memorabilia from wedding days I had specifically focused on wedding day items and have taken these and photographed them in a way they wouldn’t normally be photographed, I wanted to take items from the day and use them to create a different style of wedding photography, these images all have a wedding feel to them but not in the traditional style, they are wedding items but taken out of the larger image you would normally see them, for example, wedding rings are often photographed on couples hands or together with a bouquet so I took the item and placed it somewhere new, still keeping the magical celebratory wedding feel but giving it a new twist.

As like the champagne bottle and the bridesmaid outfit decorations I had made these the main object in the image, these items are often only seen within photographs and are rarely taken aside, as a wedding is a very busy day these little but important objects can be over looked, in my images I have taken these forgettable items and made them significant.

I was very happy with my final images but had decided to use photoshop to adjust things such as the levels and exposure to create the perfect combination of composition and light.

My first image of the head wreath was originally a larger image containing the shoes, after comparing the larger image to a cropped one I preferred the way cropping the image then makes the shoes a decoration in the image, focusing on the wreath making this image about one object rather than two, I favoured this composition more as my image was less distracting and had one meaning, the shoes even though are not the main focus give you an idea of who the wreath belonged too, they are clearly children’s shoes and by adding these into my image they show that the wreath was from a child, I like how this small bit of information is able to tell you about the image.

When editing my image I had a go at changing the colour of the background, I first decided to go with a slight green glow but this I found contrasted with the green of the bow, then I decided to go with a much bolder colour and chose pink to emphasise the femininity of the items in the image, after using a layer to add the colour I then used the brush tool to bring back the white of the wreath, I wasn’t happy with how this turned out and decided to keep the background white, I adjusted the exposure of the raw file by two stops which brought out the brightness of the white, my original photo was very dark taking away the wedding feel to the image and replacing it with a darker more Gothic feel which is not what I was going for.

I particularly like the shadows in the image they create a separation between the wreath and the white background, I wanted to spotlight the object in my photo and light the scene from above creating the shadows below the object, this almost frames the items in the photo, the shadows also create detailing on the wreath itself, I was careful not to adjust the exposure too much so not to over expose the petals and blending them into the background.


My second photo of the champagne bottle and garter I took I think works well with the shadows, you can see the green from the bottle reflecting on the white background which I feel gives the image character and separates the black shadows. I adjusted the image by one stop and changed the levels to give the soft white effect that you often see in wedding photography after cropping my image down to get rid of the excess background and using the healing tool to get rid of any blemishes I was happy with the result.

I decided to bring together two items in this image again like the first, only this time giving both of the objects a meaning, I wanted to add the garter in with my photo to show after the wedding, both these items are associated with what comes after a wedding celebration and I thought that bringing them together  could create a small story within the image, it looks almost like the garter has carelessly  been tossed on top of the bottle.


The third photo of my set is of a flower girl decoration, I took this photo again with another decoration in the background, I did this so that it gave the image some extra detailing, I wanted the main heart to stand out from the background using the curves in photo shop I managed to create an almost 3d effect, highlighting the detailing of the beads.

The soft shadows in the image help to show the separation of the item and the white wooden background, I like how the white below the silver of the beads works well to create distinction between the the background and the heart.

I decided to use a flash light to create this image and was happy with the reflection created on the beads because of this, the light flowing in from the window behind the object also helped to create the soft shadows created around the beads.

The fourth of my images is of wedding rings sat upon props which I had chosen to contrast with the colours of the background and to make the rings stand out, by using a high aperture of f4.0 I was able to separate the objects from the background.

By creating the bokeh background I was able to create a colourful celebratory photograph. I originally took photos of the rings separately but found that they often blended in to the colours of the background, by adding in the bright red not only does it symbolise love but it creates a bold separation between the background and the rings.

I was please with the composition of this photograph but after looking at the image I found that a line from the wooden table to the right of the image created a distraction and made the image look unsymmetrical, using the healing tool I removed this distraction to give the end result which I feel is very effective.

I also adjusted the image by one stop and changed the levels to give it a sharper clearer image.

My final image of the set I am most happy with, I didn’t need many adjustments to this image, after taking a number of images in the same way I was able to create this image through trial and error, I had positioned the camera using a tripod so that I could align the heart straight in the viewfinder of the camera, this made taking the image easier as it created less blur and made the composition more precise, once I had the camera aligned so the object was central I then made sure that the lighting was directly on the object bringing it away from the background, I focused in on the rings in the centre of the image to make sure they were in focus and then took the shot.

I wanted to put the rings with something that symbolises love, I had found a heart shaped candle holder and after placing to holder facing me and facing away I found that placing the rings so they were within the hear made a better more meaningful image, I tried a number of things to place the rings on but found that adding too much colour became too distracting within the image and took the focus away from the rings, I placed them of white cotton and inside the heart and created this image.

The image portrays the love that is created with the rings, in a wedding ceremony they symbolise the joining of two people, and by placing them within a heart shaped object I am emphasising their meaning, the lights in the background add a soft glow to the image, a colourful and exciting separation.