Twenty Questions A Photographer Should Prepare For;

I decided to ask myself 20 questions I found online,  as a student photographer some of the questions I was not able to answer for example insurance; these things are now something I know I can work towards to become a professional reliable photographer.

The questions also helped me realise more about myself such as my style, these questions have not yet been asked by a client, and I am now confident in how I would answer them in future.

1.How would you define your style?

I like to try a different approach in my shoots, swaying away from the more traditional simple images and try to capture different angles, I tend to hide in the background and  capture unexpected images, I prefer the unexpected shots that capture the moment, this way the guests have a much more relaxed approach to the camera and feel less forced.

2. I Have certain ideas I would like can you do these?

Definitely, I want to capture your day how you want it, any and all images you want capturing I will endeavour to get for you, also any new ideas I have not yet tried are very much welcomed.

3. Can you show me a complete set of recent wedding pictures?

Yes I have a full folder of recent images saved on my mac and also some sample mages on my facebook page I can also provide a small portfolio with samples of my style.

4. Are you insured?

I am not yet insured for public liability and professional Indemnity but have cover on all my equipment for loss or accidental damage.

5. Are you a member of any professional organisations?

I am currently part of the photography academy mailing list and have signed up for regular news letters and guides, I am currently looking into the AOP (Association of photographers) and BIPP (British institute of professional photography) and hope to become a member soon.

6. What happens if you fall ill on the day?

If i become too ill to shoot your wedding then I will arrange another professional photographer to fill my place ant my own expense, I wouldn’t expect you to compensate for something out of your control.

7. What happens if your camera develops problems?

I alway carry a secondary camera with me plus plenty of back up batteries and chargers if needs be, all equipment is checked and charged the day before hand to make sure no dead batteries spoil the day.

8. what happens if it rains?

Not a problem, sometimes rain can help create some lovely timeless images, if the weather is forecast for rain I can go over ideas with you for a alternative shoot indoors or find appropriate outdoor shelter i.e. trees, orchard, etc. I also have a waterproof cover for my camera so no need to worry about the equipment, I also carry large umbrellas with me if needs be, but if you happen to take along some umbrellas of your own then we can use these as props in the photos.

9. Can my other guests take pictures?

of course, I don’t have any problems with other guests getting a quick snap of the same shot as long as they respect I need to do my job also and wait patiently for a convenient time then theres no problem what so ever, its always nice to see what others are snapping on the day, I often manage to get some good shots from other peoples ideas.

10. can you take a shot picture of my aunt, uncle, granny etc? and how long will group photos take?

Yes of course, I alway try to make sure I include everyone in the wedding photos but if you have any particular family member/friend you want a photo with then let me know and we can get that shot for you. I tend to do the group photos first, just after the ceremony I find that getting the relatively sober group together is always the best bet, once the whole group photo is taken we can then start to single out the smaller groups, once the main group photo is out of the way and we start to single out the other required photos this could take around 45mins to get all the families together, mother/father photos etc.

11. When will I see my picture and when will I receive my album, do i get digital copies of my images too?

I aim to have your images done within 2 weeks, usually straight after the honeymoon, once you have viewed the images I supply you with a dvd of images taken on the day, I can complete you an order for images you want me to have printed, framed or albums either on the day you view your images or once you’ve had time to go over your favourites, once you have decided what and how many you want I will get the images printed for you and have them ready within 2 weeks.

12.How can I actually be sure that you’ll be any good and we’ll get along?

I often arrange a consultation before booking in your date, this way you can get to know me have a good look through my work and decide how you feel on my taking your photographs on the day. I also have as well as my face boo page my own portfolio which I can show you prior to booking to make sure these are the kind of images you’d like for your wedding day. I also ask my customers to leave a honest review on my page so that other potential customers can see other peoples experience.

13. Are you out of my price range?

I try to keep my prices affordable, I don’t want to overcharge you for your big day, I believe that your photos are special to you and you should’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get these. I offer a range of packages to fit any requirements and budgets so that you can pick and choose how long you want and what you want to receive in accordance to the price.

14.Who will actually take my photographs?

I take and edit all your images myself, I like to meet my customers so they can get to know me and feel comfortable knowing I will be the one looking after them on the day, the only time I would have someone else with me is if I feel I could do with some assistance with a another photography student, if this is the case I would first confirm if this would be ok with you and give you the opportunity to meet them.

15.If we have two photographers on the day will it cost me more?

not at all, if I decide I could do with some help then the cost to you would not differ, the packages are all the same regardless.

16. Do you cope well under pressure and what about any emergencies on the day?

Yes, I have been in many situations at weddings where time is limited and everything is a bit rushed, I find that staying calm is easiest when times are getting stressful then I can just asses the situation and act accordingly. I do my best to get everything prepared in advance for any possible emergencies that may occur.

17. how far ahead do I need to book my photographer?

I always tend to ask the date required before going through any details with the customer this way I can make sure that I will be free on the day of the wedding, once I know i’m free on this day then I normally ask for a deposit if the customer is happy to have me taking the photographs on the day. Once I take a deposit this secures that day for the customer, the deposit is refundable up to two months prior the the date of the wedding.

18. My wedding is not in your area does that matter?

Not at all I travel all over the UK, I charge £10 fuel for weddings over an hour away from my location, £20 for 2 hours and so on, if your wedding is within a an hours drive then Fuel wont be charged.

19. How do we take this forward?

Firstly when is your date? if your happy for me to take your photos then I can provisionally book you in, and arrange a consultation to go over your requirements for your big day.

20. how do we get in touch?

I am contactable through phone 07720607094 email and via my face book