Whilst practising photography using memorabilia from wedding days I looked into what market is available using this technique, I found that there are a few photographers who offer something similar, After Sessions, these are photo shoots after the wedding day and can include images of things that were missed on the day, the memorabilia photos that I am doing now would fit into this type of package although I would need to also offer photographs the bride and groom want such as shots they weren’t able to get on the day, people who couldn’t make it or re takes of images they weren’t all that happy with.

By offering a package like this one not only will I be able to advertise for wedding day packages but after sessions too, after looking at an article from the Bridal Guide on photo trend I found many reasons couples would purchase a package like this;

  • When photos received from the photographer on the wedding day just aren’t as you expected.
  • running out of time between ceremony and reception or time you have the photographer booked for and not been able to get everything or feel rushed into getting quick snaps.
  • another excuse to get dressed up in your wedding attire.
  • a major change in weight or appearance you want to show off.

other reasons I have come up with are;

  • A relative was unable to make the wedding day.
  • If you start a family and want to add your new baby into the wedding images.
  • Maybe someone stood in the way and ruined your perfect image and you want to re stage this moment, with out the distractions.
  • Items that are of sentimental value but were not photographed on the day.
  • An anniversary gift.

The reasons for having an after session shoot are really endless, you don’t need a specific reason to get some more images, it can simply be just because you want to!

This opens up a whole new area to expand my skills, as the reasons for getting this type of shoot can be unique or simple but either way the shoots will always be something new each time, this would be a good advertisement for my photography business as it will expand my range of clientele.