I took some items from a wedding of Donna & Gary Stephenson married 17/02/1996.

The items they provided me with are items they have saved from their special day 20 years ago, these items were important to them and reminded them of the day they said their vows, both Donna & Gary were eager to allow me to take images of their things so that they had a photographic images to preserve the items they had saved, although they plan on keeping them for years to come, the images taken will last forever.

When taking the images I wanted to make sure that I only got the items in the frame, as these were the main focus of the shot I decided to take the shots in a studio setting, using spot lights on the objects.

I was happy with my shoot, I took several frames using different camera settings to get the correct lighting, from here I could then decide what positioning I preferred as well as lighting.

I preferred the lighter images as these highlighted all the details of the objects, by using a white background it made the image feel clean and soft, much like wedding images are normally shown. Some of the images that are slightly darker give the image an eery but old feel which worked well with the items I was using, as these are objects saved from 20 years ago they are old and some damaged and withered.

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