I had started to research how to use my images for marketing and advertising purposes, so had looked into where I could show this type of photography.

Below is what I have been able to find;


The above link takes you to Istock Photo, here people can purchase images for advertising, the type of images I am taking at the moment would be ideal for something like this, I could sell images for marketing purposes using websites such as this one.

As well as selling my images for people to purchase for their own marketing needs I could also partner with companies who specialise in wedding supplies and accessories, by starting a contract with a company I would be able to produce images to advertise for their products, I looked online for companies who use still life images for wedding products, below are a few I have come across, these all have images very similar to the ones I have been taking;





I was also able to come across Anne Limarinovich who uses still life shoots in with her wedding albums, as well as for marketing and advertising I could create these types of shoots alongside the normal wedding shots to build up a series of different yet unique images for clients, as I am hoping to become a wedding photographer this would be an ideal way to incorporate my project style of images in with any future work. This would be a more beneficial way to use  my line of work to experiment with different styles of photography, keeping my work exciting, and ever changing.


After finding ways to use still life wedding images I then decided to find out how to sell images online, I went on to e4s.co.uk and found an article explaining how students can make money from their images. The article tells you the sites that pay you for the use of your images, how they are sold and what they expect from your images, as well as explaining ways to get your images noticed through the use of sites such as twitter and tumblr.