These are a set of images I have taken recently after asking to use items from weddings, this came from my new proposal idea.

I much prefer these images to the last, mainly because they have a better variety, as I am specificity aiming to photograph things that have been used in weddings and saved as keepsakes the image has more meaning than just an image of the bride getting ready, these images are a look back on special memories.

I am happy with how my shoots turned out the selection of images that I have managed to create show what I am aiming to do in my project.

To expand on this I plan on getting items of clothing if possible, such as garters and take an image including a model or more importantly the bride who owned these items, I will also plan on taking images including hands with items such as the rings.

By including the people in my photos this will bring a more meaningful feel to the image, and add character.

My next shoot I am planning I will be adding in people and more clothing  items, I want to make my images as meaningful as possible so that I can emphasise on my reason for taking a series of photos of personal items from past weddings.