These are my contact sheets from my first shoot, my aim was to capture the bride getting ready and focus in on just her.

After my shoot I had decided although I was happy with the quality of images I had produced I wanted to do something that was more unique.

These images are all too common when looking through wedding albums, as these are something that any photographer can produce for the customer, so I had decided to use this experience to come up with my new idea of capturing images from after weddings to create a more personal overview of the customers wedding day.

My reason for changing my mind after looking at my images was that they didn’t stand out to me and make me feel drawn in, there wasn’t any question as to why these images were taken as the reason was obvious, whereas if I was to take still life images of items from previous weddings then the image will make you think, as the reason behind the image would be more of a mystery, that way the image will be more likely to draw you in.

After doing this shoot I then started to plan my second shoot, this time using keepsake objects and items from weddings gone by.