Low light photography guides

I Looked online for tips on taking low light photography, using the below links I was able to produce my images from my low light profile shoot;



This link was particularly good for tips on the camera settings during a low light shoot, it explains things such as what aperture and iso is best plus the use of a tri pod and flash gun.



This link was basically the preparation for a low light shoot including things like being aware of your destination, imagining how you want your images to turn out and composition etc.



The digital camera world was helpful for new techniques such as the use of light trails and effects in low light images, plus paining with light in outdoor scenes, these techniques I did not use in my first shoot but will try to incorporate these techniques in other shoots if possible.



This link was particularly helpful with the indoor low light portraits I had taken, it explains how to get the best shots using reflection of light to highlight details such as the eyes, this I incorporated into my shoot to get the detail on the eyes.



This page offers free tutorials on creating low light portraits as well as giving a step by step guide and a visual lighting diagram, using this diagram I positioned my studio light as directed, with out the use of a mirror I used a n umbrella so the light wasn’t as harsh, I faced my camera directly at the subjects and positioned them accordingly, some of these techniques I want to incorporate in some more shots using a soft box as well as just a harsh light and umbrella.


  • I used these links before starting my shoot, I found ideas from each of these which helped towards the detailed imaged I had produced.