After my second shoot for studio practice I have decided to change my original brief name from ‘bridal beauty’ to ‘A personal touch’ my reason for this is after shooting a series of images of personal items from previous weddings including things such as rings, wedding garters and the traditional new, old, borrowed and blue items, I think this name explains my brief more precisely, as my images contain important memories from past weddings they have a sentimental more meaningful feel to the images, I have decided to focus not only on the bride but go more into depth with all the little things that make the day important.

By choosing to shoot images like these I will be creating a series of personal images with true meaning,they will be reminders of the wedding day. 

I think this would be something different to add to a wedding portfolio or album as this type of photography is not included in with wedding packages,this enables the bride and groom to savour their memories and be able to add to their wedding album at a later date,this opens a secondary market where a married couple can expand on images they already have.

I decided to take my second shoot using this style of photography as staging a wedding using things such as a wedding dress and wedding props was proving difficult, by contacting people to see what items they had from their previous weddings it gave me the opportunity to get unseen new style images of items after the wedding, bringing memories back to life.

My aim is to allow my clients to reminisce through the use of photography, we often look back on photos we have taken in the past but rarely get images taken to reiterate it, this is what I want to create, memories. Taking photos of items used for things such as weddings will allow me to create a new memory of the past.

For my next shoot I want to include people, as I was able to get a garter I would like to include a person in my inmate wearing this and things alike, as with the wedding rings, I am planning on finding a previously married couple and re take their wedding rings whilst on their hands, I could also copy old wedding images if I am able to find someone who still owns their wedding dress from their wedding photos, this would be something that would be harder to find but if possible would make a great image to fit in with my project.

By changing my project from focusing on mainly the bride to including all the important memorabilia from a couples wedding day I am able to widen my audience from just the bride to the couple as this includes both and would be more appealing as is not just one sided.

I was happy with my shoot, I managed to get images of items that link with my project, I want to create more images line these but by including people in my images, this still focuses on the meaning of the day and includes thoughts and feelings as we all have a reason for the items that are of importance to us, the images will create a personal meaning to the clients I create them for.

These photographs will fit nicely into a portfolio and give my clients an  option to purchase more images at a later date, this means that I would be able to keep clients for future images rather than just a one off wedding day package.