I had decided to list 10 photographers who are in similar fields as my project;

  • eye capture wedding photography – eyecaptureweddings are focusing on little detailed shots as like i am in my project.
  • Mr & Mrs boutique wedding photography –  mr&mrsboutique approach wedding photography with a personal feel, as like i want to add feelings into my images.
  • Jenny Maden photography –  jennnymadden this photographer gets up close and personal, i want to to create a personal tpuch using this same technique.
  • Howard barnett photography – howardbarnett is a wedding photographer who likes to create scenes, this is what i am doing by trying to set a scene.
  • Richard perry – richardperry is a leeds based photographer who specialises in head shots and wedding images, he likes to also take personal images.
  • Bloom Weddings – bloom try to created new and unusual images with the use of light, this i think is a good idea to set a scene.
  • laura calderwood laura creates soft images, as i had explained in my first brief i wanted to give a sence of fantasy, these images are very similar to my ideas.
  • Emily Hannah emily is another very soft lighting photographer, her images are very delicate as like how i want my project images.
  • Gray weddings grayweddings are also wedding day videographers and often create scene in their images as well as their videos.
  • Evolution images – evolution is a york based photography company specialising in wedding images, these like to capture all the memorable moments during weddings, these are what i am wanting to showcase in my images.

These photographers all take a similar approach to photography as me, although my idea includes a range of different techniques form multiple photographers which i feel can help me to create a unique set of images.