Following my brief I had planned a photo shoot based on my project, I planned my shoot by first deciding how I wanted my images to look. I wanted to build up a profile of my subject first off, this is the start of my series of images that I am going to create, these images will create a brief outline or profile of the subject, to do this I wanted to use minimal light, this way I could frame my subject with the use of light.

I first got my set up ready, using a black back drop and one harsh studio light, i set this up by having the light facing where I was going to place my subject so that the light would be directly on them and not light up the background, I wanted only a slight light shining onto my subjects but not onto any of the background, this way I would be able to create a frame around them only.

I started off using a small object to make sure my lighting was highlighting the correct areas and that my settings were able to capture the effect I desired, so I placed the item on my chair in front of the back drop with the light shining directly onto the object, I set my camera first at 400iso, using a small aperture of f5.6 and 1/30 shutter speed, this was slightly light and made the background visible, so changing my iso to 200 and my aperture to f5.0 I shot again, this time the image was how I wanted it, it had framed the object only, not highlighted the background and created a profile.

After my test shots on my objects I then moved on to starting my shoot, I played around with the composition of my subjects to get the perfect highlight on the face but was very pleased with the outcome, I had managed to get some strong images for my brief that fit in perfectly.

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After analysing all the images from the shoot I was able to select a few that i feel are really strong images for my project, I had decided this from the way I was able to capture the light on the face, the images I have produced are meant to build a small profile of the person, but not make it too obvious, I wanted to add a bit of mystery into my images to give them a documentary type feel, by capturing the light on just certain parts of my subjects I was able to get this effect.

Below are the images I feel are strong images for this brief, the light highlights all the areas in which I wanted, they have a focus on the point of interest in which I was trying to capture and my subjects have a fixed concentration, this I feel adds an objective to the image, the subjects look engaged in their activity and this was the exact feeling I wanted to create.

These images are the ones I am more pleased with, I was able to capture the feeling exactly as I had planned, the shadows on the face highlight my subjects perfectly, I am very pleased with the sharpness of the faces in the light.

I was also please with the fact that the light leaves a bit of mystery in the images, as there isn’t any background colours or distractions the subject of my images isn’t over shadowed by anything irrelevant, the boxing gloves in the image with one of the subjects I think work with the image rather than distracting the eye, as the lighting in the image only highlights the outline the colour isn’t distracting.

Of al the images above the last image I feel would benefit from being cropped down so that just the upper chest and face are in the frame, the reason for this is my other images have only slight highlighting which frames my subjects, this i think would take away the distraction of the lower body, again bringing the focus in to the face and the expressions.