As part of my research for my project I had decided to interview people who had been married or are planning on getting married what they thought about when asked about their wedding, Below is a selection of Answers from both male and female perspectives;

Male Opinions;

When asked, what do you think and/or feel on your wedding day/planning of your wedding day?

  • colour schemes, does my tie match.
  • Has everyone got an invite.
  • looking forward to the party, time to chill out.
  • make sure I get my lines right.
  • Not long until I can have a beer to calm the nerves
  • relaxed, its just another day.
  • It’ll all be worth it on the wedding night.
  • After its over I don’t have to do it again.
  • What will her dress look like.
  • Nervous, everyone will be watching.

Female Opinions;

When asked, what do you think and/or feel on your wedding day/planning of your wedding day?

  • Wine! lots of it.
  • I want it to all go to plan.
  • I want my dad to be proud of me.
  • Scared about getting something wrong during the ceremony.
  • Everyone will be watching me, I need to look perfect.
  • I can’t wait to see my husband!
  • The kids better keep clean and no one can touch my clean white dress.
  • I hope I look nice in the photos.
  • Nervous, about everything.
  • Relaxed, I’ve gone over everything.
  • I don’t want to be late, or him!
  • I hope my boobs don’t fall out!

Above are a list of some of the most popular remarks made when asked about the wedding day, from this I am going to take extracts and outline these in my shoots, for example; Wine or beer was mentioned a few times, this seems to be a common relaxation technique used by both the bride and groom on their wedding day, I want to use this by creating a shoot of the bride having a relaxing drink, this could be either before or after the ceremony, I plan on setting this up in many possible ways, I could get the model holding a glass to her lips, looking relaxed, possibly lounging in her pre wedding gear or even her dress, I could also interpret this with the model taking a relaxing soak whilst enjoying a glass of wine, There is also the option of taking images of an empty glass or bottle next to a bouquet or other items associated with the wedding.

I want to try include as many feelings as possible in my photos, so from the information i have collected I will plan my shoots around scenarios in which these are relevant.

I want to be able to reach out to the viewer and make them understand what’s happening in my images, I don’t just want an image of a bride in her gown or holding her bouquet, I want to be able to create a scene and tell a story including moments that are familiar to the viewer and and create a feeling.