During reading week I had taken some test shots at a wedding I had attended, these images are an example of what I am aiming for in my brief.

My brief is to focus on the bride during her run up to her wedding, to capture all the things that run through her mind as she prepares for her big day, all the small important things that she feels make up her wedding day, this is because I want to be able to not only take wedding photography but to expand and create lasting memories of what made that day so perfect, and by asking what brides and brides to be consider important then I can try capture all these feelings in detailed shots.

I had come up with a working title for my brief ‘Bridal Beauty’. I’m not completely happy with this title as yet, i want to expand on this and plan on changing the title to something more fitting to my brief.

I took images to outline what is important to a bride on her wedding day, as my brief is about all the thoughts and feelings that run through a brides mind before her wedding ceremony, below are the images I had chosen to bring along to discuss.

AIMG_9687 BIMG_9685

These images show the bide having her make up applied before her wedding ceremony, I chose to take these images after speaking to the bride before the shoot and asking her personally what she worries about and what she wants to go perfect, she explained to me that the most important part for her was to have every hair in place and her make up flawless, because if everyone is going to be looking at her then she wants to feel confident and pristine, this made her feel anxious, if her make up and hair didn’t go right it could potentially ruin her day;

This is how I had decided that I needed to get a close up shot of her getting what she feels as the most important preparation before her wedding, I wanted to capture the detail going into getting this just right for her, I also wanted to come in close to keep the image focused in on the main point of the photograph, keeping it personal.

CIMG_9666 DIMG_9741

Some images I was more happier with than others, I would of ideally wanted to take more of a range of images, consisting of other little details, for example the bride taking a bath before hand relaxing in bubbles whilst drinking a glass of wine, or maybe going through things such as family heirlooms to accompany her on the day i.e. some thing old/new/borrowed/blue thus keeping in with the tradition of a wedding, I plan on taking shots using these ideas.


I also wanted to bring a bit of fun to my images, and asked the bride what she felt would calm her nerves, she told me a nice big glass of wine is what she needed before her wedding, so I decided to capture her pouring herself a drink, I feel these kind of images are nice to look back on and smile, that’s what I want to be able to create when taking my images, happy funny and meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.

I was happy with the results of my shoot but I do feel that I need to add more, and delve more into the thoughts of the women before their wedding day, I have decided as part of my research I will ask as many people as I can that have been married or plan to get married and see what they think about their big day and note down all the comments, from here i then plan on staging shoots using models based on the ideas that I will create using my research.

After my presentation to the class I then had feedback on my brief;

I was asked if I would put this into another form, for example the same idea but for someone who is preparing for another activity i.e. a sport;

I don’t plan on taking other shots for other occasions mainly because I want to focus my brief on what I aim to do after my degree, as I want to go into wedding photography I had planned on expanding on the initial wedding portfolio type work and going for a more personal touch, something that may attract the attention of new customers who want something a little different, something that bit extra.

My audience for this type of work would be mainly couples who plan on getting married, I am mostly aiming this towards the bride as this is a more personal approach to her needs.

I hope to move forward by planning my next shoot and building up my research, hopefully this will build my confidence with working one to one with a client and using their ideas to create images suited to them.