Using a Bowen flash gun as a group we went out to take images using different light sources to create images that could be used for taking event photography,

We used the flash to fill in any light needed in darkened areas, and then experimented with natural light flowing in through the windows, this type of lighting would be something we would need to deal with if we were to take images on location, this proved good practise as coping with the different changes of light coming through helped to build my confidence in changing the settings and use of the flash when trying to get a correctly exposed image.

Using a college camera and flash unit me, Megan and Jamie-Lee went out and took images we could bring back to share with the rest of the group.

ContactSheet-001ContactSheet-002 ContactSheet-003 ContactSheet-004

From the images I took I chose my best image for marketing purposes;


Of all my images I had four which I was most pleased with, the above I choose to show the group, I feel this would be a good marketing image, it shows involvement and I have a main view point on the main person in the image.

IMG_1219 IMG_1226 IMG_1274

These other images I was also pleased with as I like how they engage the viewer, I decided to take the first image inside of the class windows, this way I was able to capture the movement of the people outside which created a good working background. The third image I placed my subject in front of the stairs, I waited until the stairway was empty so I could get a good shot of the stairs in the background creating an unusual background with an assortment of lines to break up the image. The last image I liked as it created depth with the arm seeming larger in the image, this draws your eye to the image and draws you in.