As a group we were asked to bring a topic to discuss that concerns copyright laws, this could be an argument between the photographer and customers, an article from the news or something that had happened to us personally.

I decided to bring an issue that I had recently had to deal with myself;

I had done a wedding job recently for a couple who had asked me to attend a full day wedding photography session, I had visited the couple prior to the wedding  to discuss times, dates etc and go through prices and details of the package I had to offer, I had explained that i take as many photos as possible usually around 400 – 600 images, from here i then go through the images and edit them for the customer, deleting any photos I don’t feel are of good quality. The couple were happy with what I had to offer and paid me for the day.

During the wedding I took in excess of 600 images, as promised I went through the images, deleted any images of poor quality and edited the rest for the customer, altogether I deleted around 50 images leaving the customer with approximately 550 images, I then gave these images on disc to the couple.

After the couple had had time to go through all the images I was contacted in regards to an image that they believed to be missing, this was an image of the brides sister holding her daughter, I had remembered the image she had explained being taken, this particular image was of the woman holding the hand of her child, after taking this shot I wasn’t happy with the composition so had re taken the image, this time with the woman holding her child instead I was much happier with this image and had included this on the disc of images.

The customer had asked for the image I had deleted, I had explained to her why this image was not there and that I had retaken this image so it was of better quality, and as the images that I had provided her with would be used on social media, as I had allowed this, I didn’t want people to view work I was not happy with as this could cause bad advertising.

My question I had to bring forward was this;

Taking into count what I had just explained, if I had explained how I provide my service and explained to the customer why I did not want to provide them with deleted images, do i have a right to withhold images I am not pleased with?

This is the feedback I had received;

  • Agree that images at are not of good quality should not be shown to customers if the photographer doesn’t want these images to represent their work.
  • A copy could possibly been shown to show why the image wasn’t included in the disc.
  • keep a contract stating all the rules that the photographer will enforce when providing a service to the customer.
  • Keep in mind the photographer is a student and mistakes can be made.
  • If this is already explained/included in contract prior to the appointment then this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Always try and take a photo again if the first is not to the quality the photographer is happy with.