Using a canon 650D and 430EX11 flash gun I grouped up and took photos using a variety of flash gun positioning, we took with us a tripod to stand the gun on and an umbrella with a reflector as well as a flash gun stand and a white card.

Using all of the above equipment we took the following images to create different lighting techniques; IMG_7782

the first images i took were using a flash gun with and without white card, I took the first image using the white card, I metered where i was shooting at f8 and shot the image at 1/125th shutter speed with an iso of 200, this gave me the first image this I thought was a bit bright, so i took away the white card from my flash and metered again, this time at f11, so i shot the second image, this was less bright in comparison.


I then went on to photograph an inanimate object metering the area at f11 i shot this image with the flash gun and white card, using a iso of 100 my image came out pretty dark, so i changed the iso to 200 making it more sensitive to light, this time removing the card, i metered at f16, the image was still pretty dark so i placed the white card back onto the flash gun, changing my iso to 800 and metering at f16 i shot the last two images, i was much more happier with how these turned out, the lighting managed to highlight the scene as i had hoped, using the flash to bounce off the white card gave an even cover of light in my images.



I then used the tripod to position the flash gun above my subject, and used the white umbrella to act as a soft box to diffuse the light.

I metered my scene at f11 and shot at 1/125th shutter speed and 200 iso, i used the tripod to position my flash gun where i wanted it, i firstly placed it above the subject shining directly down towards his face.

IMG_7798 IMG_7799 IMG_7800 IMG_7801

the first two images produced we had the light positioned directly above the subject, we then moved the tripod down slightly so the flash gun was more in line with his face, this then caused the flash to light up the background as well as the subject, i found that placing the flash gun above lit up the subject matter more adequately, when using this type of lighting in my project i will make sure the light is aimed directly at what i want to be highlighted, for example in the above photos i don’t want any of the background unless it is part of my shot to be lit as brightly as the subject.


We shot a closer image using a shutter speed of 1/60th to try and let in more light, the image hadn’t changed much in terms of lighting so we tried to set up another flash gun to flash as well as the flash gun behind the umbrella, unfortunately this didn’t work and we were unable to add another flash to the image, this i think if it had of worked would of brightened the subject from both in front and behind and created a better highlighted image.

IMG_7810 IMG_7811 IMG_7812

These images were taken using the flash gun at half power, the scene metered at f11 and was shot at 200 iso using a 1/125th shutter speed, the images how ever did come out nicely highlighted but i found the scene in its self was very dark, this created a darker night time feel in the images. I liked this affect and by repositioning the flash we were able to highlight the subject from different angles.

For the final images we changed the shutter speed to 1/60th of a second and metered at f5.6, firstly shooting at 200 iso, then changing the iso to 400 for the second and third image, my moving the flash gun further away from the subject in image three this created a better lit scene, highlighting just the require side of the subject.

IMG_7815 IMG_7823 IMG_7826