I had decided to describe my identity based on my photography;

By writing down how i see myself i was able to highlight the main points of my personality and build up a small character reference.

  • Female photographer
  • Positive attitude
  • Confident
  • Leader
  • I like to present myself as a neat and tidy person
  • organised in my work
  • My personality I think makes me approachable

My personality defines me not only as a person but as a photographer, if I was to be closed off and quiet I would be less approachable making working with people harder, this is why I feel my personality fits in with my preferred type of photography.

As I hope to become a wedding photographer I need to be comfortable in new, unfamiliar surroundings and with new people, I need to be patient and understanding, to be able to listen to my customers and produce a body of work that fits their needs, so I mustn’t be selfish.

I think that I will be very adaptable to this type of photography, my personality means I am able to practise wedding photography with ease, without feeling trapped, scared or lacking in confidence.