In groups we were assigned a task to create an image to conceptualise our selves, to create this image we had to visualise our self image, to be able to adapt our personalities into the photographs.

We had to consider;

  • Our hobbies/interests
  • Personalities i.e. quiet, loud, excitable, etc.
  • Our outer image, the way we dress/present ourselves.
  • Things that are important to us, objects we consider of value to us.
  • How we like to be perceived.

Using all these qualities we were then asked to envisage how we would want our portrait to be taken;

Myself I would like to have a good outer image, this is because I am conscious of how people see me, my exterior is important to me for me to be able to feel confident in myself, so I would want the image of me to be well presented as this is how I want people to see me. I would also like my image to show confidence so I would want to be shown looking confident in myself, for example smiling and looking content, I would not want my image to show me sad, upset or confused in any way. Lastly If i was to include an object I would want to include something that reflects my personality, something that makes me feel confident, this could be something such as car keys, its simple but reflects my personality well, i enjoy driving as it makes up a major part of my life, it gives me confidence and brings me joy, so this would be a very simple but powerful item to add into my images, my clothes also play a big part in my self image so this alone would highlight my personality, wearing what i feel good in to represent myself.


this was the image produced after we had discussed my personality and bringing it into the image to represent my self, we had decided to use my self image as the foundation of the photograph, then by jumping in the photo it gives a feel of confidence which I wanted in my image.

When taking photos in the studio we decided to practise with using the lighting, we used C stands to take our images using the cell button to link the flash lighting to all go off together, this gave us a well lit scene to place our subjects.

using the light modifier/deflector I took my first images.

IMG_0087 IMG_0093 IMG_0100

These image were created whilst testing the lighting in the studio, using the C stands with the beauty dish on half power. I metered where the subjects were stood and then took the images using 1/125th shutter speed, 200iso and metered the aperture at f11 and f16.

IMG_0119 IMG_0124

I then experimented with the lighting and adjusted the dish to 1/4 power, then positioned the light to the right of the subjects to highlight just one side, this technique I liked as it highlighted all the details of the face creating small soft shadows to the left of the subjects, I think this gave the images more character and more definition.

For future images I plan on using this same technique of highlighting one side of my subjects, as I want to be able to capture the fine details.