Subject & Genre or my project; 

Weddings and magic, portrait style wedding photography.

issues/concepts of my project; 

The concept of my project is to capture the magical feel of being a bride.

Interested parties;

Engaged couples and brides to be; This could be something that future brides could be interested in, to keep together with a wedding album as a reminder of their wedding day, also to frame, like a portrait session but wearing their bridal gown, it could also be of interest to a groom who may want to get a pre bridal shoot for his bride to be.

Married Women; Some women could be interested in this type of photography for them selves, such as a nice beauty shot possibly wearing an old wedding dress if they hadn’t been able to get these type of images when they first got wed.

Places where my work could be seen;

In my own wedding portfolio – my images can be added into my own portfolio so i can show these to potential customers who may be interested in this type of photography for their wedding day.

Wedding/Bridal magazine – my images could possibly be featured in a bridal or wedding magazine, if my images are of good quality I could ask a magazine to publish an advertisement for other potential customers.

Website – I could add my images onto my own website for people to view online, this could be existing customers, new customers and friends and family of the people in my images.

Things to consider; 

Places I can go to shoot;

  • Studio for up close personal shots of things such as rings, jewellery, etc.
  • Flower garden/forest/woodland area for outdoor shoots to create a magical fairy/princess theme to the images.
  • A bedroom or dressing room for the photos of the getting ready and the bridal gown.

People to approach;

  • Family and friends willing to pose for photos, maybe who have already been married and have the gown to hand?
  • Models willing to come along for shoots, possibly to build up their own portfolio?
  • other wedding photographers to ask for tips on how they take their shots.


  • Research camera techniques, how to create a soft image, correct use of aperture.
  • look into wedding tutorials online, where you can learn how to take a great wedding shot.
  • asking other photographers, wedding photographers and portrait photographers in general about their techniques.


  • To get these images onto my own website or portfolio i can simply publish these myself, choosing the best images to add to my page/portfolio to get the attention of future customers.
  • getting my images into a magazine would mean contacting the magazine to see if i could feature my images, i could do this via email or letter and include some of my best shots to hopefully get their attention.
  • the cost of publishing my work on my own website would be minimal, the only fees i will have to endure would be the fees for paying for my website in general, as like the portfolio, the costs would be for just the stationary needed.
  • I would have to look into how much an add would cost in different types of magazines, the more popular and up market magazines would be more costly unlike a much smaller less popular magazine, i could start from a lesser magazine and work my way up, i imagine that having photos printed in other magazines would higher my chance of getting my images in the popular magazines.

Charging customers;

If i decided to offer this type of photography as a package i would then need to look into how much a portrait portfolio might cost, to do this i can look into other companies who offer this type of photography and compare the difference in prices to get an idea of how much i could charge.