Subject genre of my project; 

Portraiture, documentary portraits.

Issues/concepts of my project; 

The concept of my project is to capture the profile of the person who i am photographing, i am wanting to document their own personality and their passion.

Who might be interested; 

  • People who are after a portfolio of them selves, i.e. a model.
  • families who may want an intimate album of them selves.
  • couples who may want to get an album either together or separately as a gift.

Places where my work could be seen;

my own portfolio/website – i could showcase my own work to advertise to other potential customers.

In a customers album or frame (in their home/office) – this would be a very obvious place for my work to be displayed or shown to other people who know the customer, this would be a great way to get my work seen by other potential clients.

magazine advertisement – I could look into applying to put an add in a photography magazine to advertise my work.

Things to consider; 

Shoots –

  • In the home/office of the model, i could take images of the person whilst their at their place of work at at home, this would be a simple shoot, more of a profile type portrait.
  • outdoors during activities, if my models have a specific hobbies (my partner is into building engines) I can capture this passion in the photographs, whilst making sure i am considering the lighting, i.e. night scenes to fit in with the brief.
  • in the studio/studio like setting, to get some more intimate photos of the person, such as body shots, hand shots, using studio lighting to highlight their face/outline.

People to approach –

  • other people willing to spend some time with me taking shots of them in this style.
  • people who take portrait photography and documentary style photography, to ask them how they stage their shoots and what techniques to use.
  • models who have been involved with this type of photography and could be willing to take part in a shoot.

Research –

  • portrait photographers, find out their style of photography and compare to how i want my images.
  • documentary style photographers who have taken profile portraits of people.
  • techniques on using different lighting techniques during night shots and studio shoots.

Publishing and costs –

To get my work on my own blog/website/portfolio it would be a straight forward situation where i can upload my best shots to use as advertisement, the cost for this will be relatively cheap as i will need to pay only for the supplies of the portfolio used and any fees for having my own website.

To get my work in a magazine i must first research different magazines to fine the most appropriate for my type of photography that i want advertising, form there i can then contact the magazine to find out on prices and availability of being able to get an advertisement published, i can then compare prices of different magazines to find whats more suitable for my price range.

When charging my customer i can compare prices with other kind of photography offered from other photographers who also take portraiture photographs, and base my prices on packages of the same sort of style portraits.