For my Brief I have decided to go with my area of interest, weddings;

My plan is to focus on the bridal photography associated with wedding photography, I want to be able to capture the magical feel of been a bride, to emphasize the magical princess like feeling you get when becoming a bride.

I have come up with the title – Bridal Beauty

My idea behind my brief is to capture all the little beautiful things to do with being a bride, to do this i will need to be able to get hold of items such as tiaras and jewellery, i will also need to find a model to be able to pose for my images,

I want to shoot things that relate to a bride, the things we often over look, such as the tiara on the head and the wedding garments and jewellery, these images I will take close up.

I also want to take some photos of the details of such things as the dress or vale.

Some outdoor scenes would be ideal to give a sense of magic by using the correct exposure, in places like woodland areas or flower gardens.

This shoot i think will be good practice for future wedding photography as these things are often requested in photos shoots, I think that this type of photography will be appreciated by future brides.

I will need to research other wedding photographers and look into their techniques on how to get the perfect image as well as practising with exposure and lighting in outdoor areas to capture the soft glow to give my photo a magical feel.