Brief – no daylight, use of other illumination

For my brief I have decided to focus my shots on one of my area of interests, portraits, with this I aim to take a series of portrait style images of a single person to develop a series of images that together build up a profile of that person.

My initial idea is to use my partner as a model for this brief, I want to capture as many different angles as possible, and add into this series things such as hobbies and interests, thus building up the profile as I go along.

Using no daylight –

to take my images fitting in with the brief I have decided to use a studio like setting, by lighting the scene with either studio lighting or other means of lighting such as smaller bulbs i.e. torches, candles, etc.

I also plan on using a flash gun to highlight outlines of my subject, by using a black background I plan to be able to capture the fine details by researching studio photography techniques.

As my partner often works late at night I also plan on taking some documentary style portraits using the lighting of his workshop or even the street lights or moon light to highlight the scene.

To achieve my aim I need to research such things as outdoor lighting and studio lighting as well as experiment using different light sources to see how each light up the subject and what effect I am left with.

I hope by the n of my brief to have a full series of images taken in different scenarios with the use of a range of lighting techniques that build up an accurate profile of my partner, to plan my shots I want to first decide on what would highlight his personality, below is a list of ideas on shoots based on his personality and hobbies.

Gym – I plan on taking images lit by studio lighting to capture all the fine details of his hard work at the gym, so basically close images of arms, back, etc. I also want to get an images of him using equipment, this I want to light with either studio lighting or the night lights.

Scooters – For this I want to get some images including his passion, my idea was to get a night shot of him riding a bike, or a staged shoot of him and the bike under street lighting.

Mechanics – I also want to include his work as part of the portrait series, this would be close ups of things such as his hands using tools, to light these scenes I would be using the workshop lighting.