In groups we were asked to take a profile mug shot of each other;

We then had a short while to take some images using a 300mm lens, we took some shots around the college of each other.

shannon kirsty jamie lee dominique

The idea was to take photos that highlight our personality, we found this difficult to try capture this in a photo especially with the time scale we had in which to take the images,

The first image taken of Shannon was taken against a plant, the reason for this is she sees herself as an outdoor kind of person, she enjoys the nature and we had decided to take an image of her with something that represents this.

My image was difficult, I described as an unorganised kind or person with an ever changing personality, so we searched for something that was unusual, we came across a door within the college that had a cracked window, we decided to shoot this image in front of this, to try and show the unorganised cracks behind my in the image.

Jamie-lee had told us how she was passionate about america, so when we found an american flag we thought this was perfect as a background for her image, we took the shot of her sat infront of the flag to show her passion.

In the last photo of Dominique she had decided to use her hands as part of the image, she said she really likes the vogue scene and as she wants to become a fashion photographer this was a perfect way to show her personality.