My final images –

Best practise photo – I decided to submit a best practice image, this one I took whilst experimenting using the studio lighting, I decided to add this one as I was very happy with the lighting in this image, as it was one of my later images I took I had changed the settings on my camera to a wide aperture of f8 which gave me a shallow depth of field so that only the kittens were in sharp focus, this then made them the view point in the image, as the background isn’t in full focus it gave a nice clear white background that highlights the kittens in the image. Using a iso 0f 100 gave me a nice sharp image, making my photo look professional, by using a small iso the image is much clearer.

For the lighting in this image I used two studio lights, to make the light soft I used two umbrellas on each light to act as a diffuser and give the light a less harsh glow, meaning that the light then wrapped around the subjects and caused softer shadows making the image feel more delicate and not take away the focus on the kittens in the image, this technique I used in my other photo shoots as I liked how it created a soft glow, I then managed to create a series of images that I felt had a professional look to them.

Final images – 

For my final images I have chosen a set of portrait photos I took of my son, the reason I have chosen the following images is I feel these images are not only my best images but that they work well together as a set, if I was to do portrait photos for a customer then these sort of images would most likely be chosen to be framed of added to a photo book, which is good practise for future business opportunities.

The first image is a portrait of my son with a daffodil, this image I like as I have used a wide aperture to create a depth of field, this then takes the focus off the background but as I used a aperture of  f11 you can just make out the flowers in the background, I did this because I wanted to make them a part of my image, as it blends in nicely with the flower in the image and the yellow shirt, the colours all worked really nice together and gave the image a nice background to complement the subject.

The second image as like the first is of my son again holding a daffodil but this time as a portrait, the reason I added this was to be able to compare both the images as a portrait and a landscape image, I like both images equally, I think this image works as I have used the rule of thirds to create an image with a wider focal point, although my son is still the main subject in the image the scenery begind becomes more prominent and part of the image, this photo I think would work better at a photo in a series of landscape images all similar in composition, but think it works well alongside the first portrait image.

The third image is a close up of my son holding onto a small yellow flower, again I have gone for the yellow colours to all contrast together, when looking at this image I am happy with the way I have composed the image, I wanted to get a nice close up image to focus in on his face, this I think works well when taking a portrait image because it shows all the fine details of the face. Although I am happy with this image I would probably change the colour of the flower to red if I was to take it again, I think then this way it will add a bit of bold colour in there to break up the image.

The fourth image is a portrait of my son on a beach I used again a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field in my image so that the sand and sea were out of focus but still in the background of my image, I think this one would work well as a portrait as I have focused mainly on just his face, the sun is shining on his back slightly lighting up his shoulders and his right hand side of his face slightly, this I think has given him a delicate glow, I like how it has created a soft colouring not too distracting and works really well with the way he is positioned.

The fifth image is in the studio of my son directly looking into the camera, this image I really like as it is a very personal direct image, as he is looking directly at the camera you can really connect with the picture, this makes it great for a portrait photograph. The lighting I used in this image was two studio lights both with diffusers to soften the light, I placed them above him looking directly at his face, this enabled me to get that soft glow across his whole face lighting his face and features nicely, as I used diffusers this then created a nice soft shadow behind him meaning it didn’t take away too much focus of him so that his face is the most focal point in the image, the light also managed to light up all the highlights of his hair which I think adds lovely fine detail in the image.

My last image is of my son in the studio with a snake prop, I really liked the composition of this photo, as I have used a prop it has given the subject a bit of character and added a bit of bold colour to break up the image, I don’t think this image is as strong as my previous studio shoot mainly because I had used just one light with a diffuser to the right of his face meaning that a slightly darker shadow was cast to his left hand side, although I do like how the light has created a soft glow on his face. The positioning in this image gives it a professionally composed look and I think that this type of image would be good for a series of portrait images.

Overall I am happy with all my images, I think together they make a great set of images and would look good in a portfolio for advertisement for portrait photography, by using the ambient lighting I was able to create images with a soft golden glow and I think this helped to highlight the face in my images and give them a warm feel. My studio lighting also created a nice glow across the face and highlighted my subject perfectly.

If I was to do these images again I wouldn’t change any of the lighting as I think that they are well light and not too over or under exposed, creating soft shadows and gentle lighting making the shots exactly as I imagined them, to highlight all the facial details I wanted and not taking the focus off the subject, by using props this gave my images a bit of extra detail and character, thus making the images interesting, this then breaks up my set so that all the images are not too similar.

Feedback –

After asking for feedback from a family member I decided to note down what they said;

The images are strong, the portrait ones more so as I have managed to capture the moment in the portrait photos outside, the images taken in the studio look professional and have good positioning, the outside photos could do with less of the same colour to add a bit of variation to the photographs.