I took some final portrait photos using the studio as like in my test shots, for these I used Daniel again like the ambient photo shoot.

To shoot these I used similar settings to the test shots I took in the studio, using 1/125th shutter speed on all images, i shot at between 100 and 200 iso using the flash, most of my images taken were on f8 or f11, this gave me a clear well exposed image.

As I had learned in my first shoot the lights created a lot of dark shadows so i had used umbrellas as diffusers to create a softer light, to eliminate harsh shadows behind the subject.

After taking the shots I used the histogram on my camera to determine weather the images was over or under exposed, from here I adjusted the settings accordingly, either going up or down an f stop and occasionally changing the iso, by using a flash I didn’t need to use over 200 iso meaning my images came out clearer and more sharp.

ContactSheet1 ContactSheet2 ContactSheet3

I went through all my images; above is a contact sheet of all the images I. After going through all these I then selected around half of the images I was happy with, these images below are the photos i feel are correctly composed, these I took using all the skills I have developed through my project including; using histograms, changing the ratio’s of the studio lighting, softening the lights i.e. using soft boxes/diffusers, getting the correct composition by planning my shot, changing my settings to the correct exposure.

edited sheet1 edited sheet 2 edited sheet 3

I noticed when taking my shots that the softer the light the better quality image I got, unlike the ambient shots i was able to control the lighting in my studio, although I was able to adjust the lighting in these shots the both photo shoots were equally as challenging, as I had to carefully adjust settings accordingly to get the image I wanted.

over all I am happy with the out come of this photo shoot, I enjoyed being able to use my studio, which was good practise for future, how ever I enjoyed the outdoor shoot a little more, I think this was because I had a wider range of backgrounds, although in the studio I had small props such as the soft toys to use, but the background was the same, unlike whilst outdoors I had many different places to take photographs, and I was particularly happy with the use of the flowers in the back ground.

If i was to do these shoots again, I wouldn’t change anything about the ambient lighting setting as I was very happy with the outcome and enjoyed the use of all that was around me, however if I was to do another studio shoot I will consider using different backdrops to give my shots a bit of variety, this is something I will have to look into investing in if I want to continue using my studio for portrait photos, I will also consider investing in some more professional lights that enable me to change the settings easier, this will help to eliminate the shadows completely, also using a black background and the correct lighting will also help me to achieve this as I think this would be a good way to expand on what i can already do.