I decided to browse online for The Americans by Robert Frank, this book is considered one of the most influential photo books of all time, it symbolises documentary photography in the form of a photo book.

Frank has captured images of America from his own viewpoint or outsider perspective rather than that of others or what we think when you say ‘Americans’ this started a whole new era for documentary photography, this challenged the documentary tradition of taking images, uninfluenced by thoughts.

This is what i have tried to do in my book, although Amsterdam is very much like you expect, i decided to take a range of different images showing all different sides of the City, as like in Bradford, most people don’t see Bradford as a place of beauty and wouldn’t compare it to a City such as Amsterdam because of the difference in opinion and description.

My images are similar images, i decided to do this to give a different view of things, so to not stick with the traditional type of photography just as Frank has in his book.

By using the idea of movement I could base my book on the likenesses of the movements rather than the differences  that most people would think of, this made both places look equally as beautiful and interesting.

I looked through an online video of Frank’s book:

In this video you can see all the images in his book and the layout he has used, I decided to use a similar kind of layout, but rather than having one image on a page and the title on the other, I have images all all pages with a title underneath the images.