I did a photo shoot using ambient lighting outdoors, I decided to do this to show the different use of available lighting you get whilst outside.

this was a good exercise for me as it tested my skills when photographing outside, this is important for my future line of work where I will be taking part in wedding photography, and outdoor portrait shoots so by taking part in this exercise i have gained confidence in outdoor photography and how to use the light available.

The below contact sheet has all my original shots, as you will notice there are a few slightly over of under exposed, to correct this I shot again changing the aperture and iso to get the correct exposure, by using my histogram it made it easier to get the correct exposure.

ambient sh2 ambient sht1 ambient sht3 ambient sht4

After looking through all my images i decided to crop them and changed the curves, levels and exposure on photoshop. As i was taking portrait photos i decided to crop them down so that they looked like portrait images, getting rid of any excess background and focusing on the composition by using the rule of thirds. Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 13.21.00

whilst at the NEC Photography show I watched a presentation of a professional portrait photographer, she took several images using a child model and then explained her process, using the rule of thirds to get the best composition, from listening to her presentation I had decided to use this technique when shooting and editing my images, this then enabled me to get professional shots during my ambient shoot.

ambient edited1 ambient edited2 ambient edited3 ambient edited4

these are my final edited photos, I decided to get close up shots to show the aspect of portraiture, this way the visual point in the image is the subject only.

Some images I did in black and white, this was to test the way they looked in comparison to the coloured photos and also to eliminate excess shadows.

IMG_5999 IMG_6000

As you can see in these two images, the black and white one has better lighting, as the ambient lighting here was limited it caused dark shadows, by turning the image black and white this takes away the intense dark shadows, the black and white image also works better with the grey back ground, where as in the colour images the green of the grass works really well with the yellow of the t-shirt, the outdoor images n the grass are much better in colour as the background makes the subject stand out and separates him form the background.

Overall I was happy with the final results from this shoot, by using the techniques I had watched at the photography show I was able to better my images.

These images would be good for a portfolio for future potential outdoor portraits.