These image I took with the first shoot in mind, In Amsterdam, they are all taken using the same techniques to get the same kind of effect. (slow shutter speed – between 10 and 20 seconds, aperture at between f8 and f16)

I took the images using slow shutter speed to get light trails, using a tri pod to steady my camera the photos were taken using a 10-20 second shutter speed on shutter priority mode on my camera, I took multiple image of the same shot as the wind was not on my side during this shoot, as you can see from some of the images when the wind moves the camera the picture is not as sharp as it had captured all the movement of the camera, this I found difficult when trying to capture the perfect image, although I did then experiment with different ways of taking slow shutter speeds, I took some images whilst inside a car, using the window to rest the camera, sheltering it from harsh winds.

I like them as they look a lot like the original images I had taken, this fits in with my project as my aim was to compare the likenesses of the two cities.

From these images I have chosen a few selected images to put into my book, the clear still images really make the effort worth it.

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