I shot some images of an inanimate object of my choice, my mobile phone.

I started by thinking of a story I could tell through the use of photo’s, so I decided to take images of my phone during everyday use, I started with the first moment, which was me opening my phone box, I then took several images of its journey through the rest of the day, i then went through all my images and chose a set of five images to tell a short story, these images I chose I think show the journey of the phone really well.

new contact sheet-1 new contact sheet-2

The following images are the five images I had chosen to tell my story; The first opening shot is of the phone in its box, I chose this one because it shows a beginning, it’s almost like the beginning of its life journey, the only thing in this image is the phone, it shows its importance in the photo.

the second image I chose was of the phone in the car, for this image I was torn between using this one and the one of the phone in subway, the subway image shows the phone on the table during a meal, you can see other things in this wide angled image including another phone on the table and the objects in the restaurant behind, although this was a strong image I preferred the one in the car, this was because I had decided to keep the phone out of focus but yet still in the image, my reason for this was to show the surroundings rather than just the phone, I like the way this photo has turned out.

My third image was of the phone being used to call someone, this was used as this is a main purpose of the phone, I liked how in this image the face is not the main objective, the smile and the phone become the main focal point in this image, i think this is a good supporting shot.

My fourth image was of the phone after it had been broken, I chose this as it turns the story from a journey to an event happening along the way, I wanted to use this to make it seem as though there is an end to the set, it sets the scene and gives the story an almost dramatic twist!!

The final shot is of a close up of the phone screen here you can see a text message ‘are you okay?’ i decided to use this as my final photo as it brings the story back just after a tragedy, it brings the story back to where it was when the phone was intact, I like this image as the text in the image then becomes the main objective, giving it a happy ending so to speak! IMG_4880 IMG_4894 IMG_4909 IMG_4923 IMG_4935

After looking through all my images I then decided to choose some more images from my set to create a longer story, i did this because there were a few images i couldn’t use in my five that i would of liked to use if I were to create a story without a limited amount of images.

I had a look through my photos again and then took 10 from my images to tell my own version of a longer more detailed story;

Again i used my opening shot as the phone starting its journey from its box. I then again used its journey in the car as my second shot, for the third i decided to use a close up of the phone being used to take an image on, i liked this shot as i had managed to keep the phone in focus and show the image in which the phone was taking whilst keeping all the background out of focus so to not take away the focal point on the phone. After this shot i chose the one in the restaurant, as i wanted to keep this image in the first set i decided i would add this in my own version, from here I wanted to use the image of the phone left on the chair, I think this adds a twist in the middle of the story, where you wonder if the phone will be found of left! I then decided to use an image of the phone being used in the toilet, this shows the phone wasn’t left after all and brings the story back on track, I then used the phone call image again for the seventh shot to show the phone back on its journey, to add the drama to the set I used an image of the phone on the floor to show it had been dropped, from here i used the broken phone in the hand to add sorrow to the story, then to finish I used the text message shot again, this gives the story an uplifting feel at the end.

IMG_4880 IMG_4894 IMG_4938IMG_4895 IMG_4902 IMG_4927IMG_4909 IMG_4920 IMG_4923  IMG_4935